ovars Technology Inc. was launched on March 2004. It is our long waiting dream and was built based on more than ten years of professional experience and know-how in IT and electronics business. Our goal is to provide smarter and user-friendly electronics devices for people. The company's name, Novars is a compound Lartin words from Novare (to make new) and Ars (technique, quality, skill, method), which means that the technology that we are looking for will make and change the current technology for new era. Our motto is three Is or 3is: imagination, innovation and integration , which means we are pursuing to develop innovative technology from creative ideas and to interface and integrate human and machine smarter.

team was geared up before we started Novars Tech. Another R & D team will launch soon in Asia this year. Thoes two R & D teams will work close and find more possibility in not only U.S. but also emerging Asia market. We are excited to explore the new world!